Where to Stay in Boston

Visiting this bustling city may have you asking where you should stay on your city inspired vacation. There are a lot of hot spots to hit if you are trying to expand your east coast vacation. Whether you are looking for an intimate romantic setting or you just want somewhere air conditioned to lay your head after a touring or partying, we have found the spot for you.

1. An Airbnb cottage 

So Boston is known for its rich historical background in terms of establishing itself as a city on the East coast. If you want to make the most of your stay in this colonial city, a cottage in the woods is the most fitting estate to make the most of your stay. If you go onto the homepage of this popular website you will immediately see listings for cottages in the woods.

Why the cottage in the woods is perfect is because you are staying in a cottage in the woods which is basically in the city. Not only do you have amazing five star dining and amenities close by, but now you have a little bungalow in the woods to escape it all.

This option is ideal for romantic getaways or just a place to call your own if you are on business this cabin away from home will make you want to get a place on the countryside.

Here are some prime listings for each place. The first one is an airy loft with a lot of natural lighting and greenery that you can see from your living room. Nature is said to be a natural anti-depressant so this place will have you overflowing with euphoria by the looks of the window views.

“In our beautiful screened Pondhouse – feel the breeze as you sleep – see the stars at night while comfy in your cozy warm bed, with candles burning nearby. Hike, sit by the fire, read, and get away from the world! Relax, Rejuvenate and unplug! Friendly dogs who get along with other dogs are welcome. This is screened only – this is why we are only open from mid April – Nov. 1. It is a ‘glamping’ experience, perfect for those who like to camp but want to be more comfy!”

2. The Captains Manor Inn 

Again, once visiting a colonial town you will be quick to want the most authentic, 13 states experience. The Captains Manor Inn does just that.

You will quickly be transported by the decor of this lofty experience. This spot is perfect for families as opposed to a romantic getaway.

This luxurious resort offers a bowling alley, movie theater and many swanky bars for your late night cocktail craving while the kids are at a daycare. Kids often rank this spot five stars because of the many activities that they are allotted to do here.

Don’t forget about the water slides and the lazy river that this place has to offer. Guaranteed fun for the whole family is promised when you make a reservation at this spot.

3. Poetry Ridge Bed and Breakfast

You can’t go wrong with staying at a bed and breakfast when visiting the east coast. The quaint and cozy atmosphere will have you wishing you could curl up in bed all day with a bowl of soup.

The poetry ridge bed and breakfast is ideal for anyone and everyone who is looking for an authentic time well spent on the east coast.

Check out the video below for more info on where to stay in Boston!