Why Staying in a Hotel is Better than Air BnB

When looking for places to stay on an upcoming vacation, the only option may appear to be an Air BnB. This is understandable. They are trendy, fun and extremely affordable, some even choose to make these home away from homes a place where they actually pay rent for months. So what happened to the novelty of renting a place out as a lavish vacation hotel room? Inns and hotels are for sure feeling the heat of this new Air BnB wave and we are here to try and resurrect the art of staying at these places.

You know what you’re getting

Arguably, the best thing about staying in a hotel or inn is that you know exactly what you are getting and how long you are getting it.

You know that there is going to be room service at this place with a menu that offers a lot of different options. You also know that you can do whatever you want to that place and you are going to get. Little shampoos and instant coffee are just some of the beautiful details that hotels have to offer.

When you stay in an Air BnB the hosts will often be trendy and offer offset perks. Or they will pitch some kind of saving the world bullshit and tell you that you are only allowed to take two minute cold showers and not the flush the toilet if you only go number one. You will never get that at a hotel, they want you to waste their water.

You can trash the place

Okay maybe not actually trash, but you can party pretty hard in hotel rooms. They literally have maids that are there just to clean up after you. Unless you are very well off, you probably never get that in your life. So be sure to not make your bed or wipe down the shower when you are finished.

Also be sure to leave your beer and wine leftovers hidden throughout the room so the maid can have her own personal treasure hunt while she is cleaning up the place. Just make sure you are being respectful and tipping at least five dollars for your gross mess.

Alcohol everywhere

Complimentary shot mini shot glasses and a full bar galore! You are never to go thirsty while staying at an inn or hotel. The employees are trained to make sure that your glass is never half empty wherever you go in the resort.

A lot of inns even have a full bar as well as drink coupons that are conveniently located in your room. Most guests at the inn will also be intoxicated so you are sure to not be judged by another guest and especially not staff.

It’s traditional bougie 

Staying at a hotel is a classic way to spoil yourself and a partner. So light those candles and throw some rose petals in your spotless bathtub that is located in your hotel room. Air BnBs are overrated.

Check out more about hotels vs. Air BnB from the video below!